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Romulea ramiflora ramiflora
15 September 2016

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Steenuil - Little Owl
6 September 2016

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Sunset - Zonsondergang
18 April 2015

Recent Comments

MRG*Photographics on Mongoose - mangoest
wow, its powerful

Claudiel on Mongoose - mangoest
Bel instantané

Existence Artistique on Mongoose - mangoest
il va bien se nourrir

Babzy on Mongoose - mangoest

Annima on Mongoose - mangoest

Ruthiebear on Vultures - gieren
I like this tender moment among these birds of prey

Existence Artistique on Vultures - gieren
bon travail

omid on Vultures - gieren
Wonderful portraits!

L'Angevine on Romulea ramiflora ramiflora

Sonja on Romulea ramiflora ramiflora
Großartig !

Ana Lúcia on Romulea ramiflora ramiflora
Wonderful. Nice DOF.

Anita on Romulea ramiflora ramiflora

Dimitrios on Romulea ramiflora ramiflora

Michael Skorulski on Romulea ramiflora ramiflora
A beautiful image.

Sonja on Steenuil - Little Owl
Einfach schön !

Sonja on Italiaanse orchidee - Italic Orchid
Eine wunderschöne Orchideenwiese !

L'Angevine on Italiaanse orchidee - Italic Orchid

Ronnie 2¢ on Italiaanse orchidee - Italic Orchid
What a lovely natural setting this feels to be.

omid on Italiaanse orchidee - Italic Orchid
such beautiful composition & colors! Lovely flowers!

Ruthiebear on Italiaanse orchidee - Italic Orchid

Ruthiebear on Steenuil - Little Owl
Stunning close up

L'Angevine on Steenuil - Little Owl

omid on Steenuil - Little Owl
very nice portrait! L O V E L Y !!!!

Dimitrios on Steenuil - Little Owl

Lai Chan See on Steenuil - Little Owl
Excellent. Lovely Colours and composition.

beach on Steenuil - Little Owl

Luca Bobbiesi on Steenuil - Little Owl
Wonderful photo!

Michael Skorulski on Steenuil - Little Owl
A very pretty image.

JCJ on Sunset - Zonsondergang
great clouds! good looking

L'Angevine on Sunset - Zonsondergang

omid on Sunset - Zonsondergang
very nice! very nice! Lovely sky!

L'Angevine on Little owl - Steenuil
superbe cette approche et le rendu aux pierres à droite

Dimitrios on Little owl - Steenuil

omid on Little owl - Steenuil
wooooow! very nice portrait! such beautiful composition, focus, details, DOF, colors & lighting! L O V E L Y !!!

beach on Little owl - Steenuil
very nice capture

Ank on Little owl - Steenuil
Mooi zeg!

ALPHA on Bee-eater - Bijeneter
Eh !

L'Angevine on Bee-eater - Bijeneter
oh ils se font la tête

Lai Chan See on Bee-eater - Bijeneter
So pretty!

Sonja on Bee-eater - Bijeneter
Ein Traum - da bleibt mir nur noch, von ganzem Herzen zu gratulieren !

vincent on Bee-eater - Bijeneter
Superbe !

omid on Bee-eater - Bijeneter
Excellent! ... L O V E L Y !

Tataze on Bee-eater - Bijeneter
un duo très coloré qui nous ravit

Kent on Bee-eater - Bijeneter
Nice picture of two beautiful birds. These are not here in Sweden

Sonja on Azure winged magpie - Blauwe ekster
Ein Traumfoto dieser wunderschönen Blauelster !

Josep on Azure winged magpie - Blauwe ekster
Maravillosa composición con unos excelentes colores. Me encanta el aislamiento del pájaro respecto al ...

L'Angevine on Azure winged magpie - Blauwe ekster
génial la plume à la queue

omid on Azure winged magpie - Blauwe ekster
wooooooow! very nice portrait with beautiful composition, focus, colors & bokeh! Lovely!

beach on Azure winged magpie - Blauwe ekster
Great shot.

♡ Isa on Robin - Roodborst

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